sweet nectar of life!

today has been a long day already and its only 1:45. i needed a pick me up. then on my way back to the library i remember the wonderful treat that is a starbucks gift card sitting ever so patiently in my wallet. 

good grief an iced chai tea latte has never tasted so good.



granted, i personally do not listen to kings of leon, but a dear friend of mine, buzzing in my ears does. however after seeing jared followill at the grammys a few weeks ago i soon maybe! haha!

silly nonsense

so i stumbled across a very silly and amusing website. all it is is a series of embarrassing moments where the expression "f* my life" was deemed appropriate.

for example:

Today, I rolled over a curb & bent one of the signs that read "Please Park Here After Your Road Test," at the DMV, because my foot slipped off the brake just before I put the car in park, which would've ended my Test. The first words out of the examiner's mouth were, "Well you would've passed." FML


Today, I got my fake ID and went out with the boys to dinner and the bars. One of my friends asked to see my ID. He noticed my birthday didn't make me over 21. I paid $170 for a fake ID with my real birthday. FML

hopefully you got a laugh out of it!



it is 1:45PM and its 58 degrees out. in florida.
i am currently a hanasaurus-popsicle.


rocky ♥

i miss this puppy face.


i hope everyone had a nice valentine's day! 


dear roommates,

let's please try to save some money by NOT turning on the air conditioning when its 55 degrees out at night. clearly you have not opened your windows or turned on a fan and thought to turn on the a/c. NOT A WISE CHOICE. 

i don't know about you but i don't have endless amounts of cash to throw at overages. so please think before you act.



because valentine's is around the corner...




i'm sorry!

but this is HILARIOUS! 


such a guilty pleasure!

the video is whack but oh well.