Nike Herringbone Dunk High 6.0

i'll take one in a size 9 please.


jury is still out on this one.

welcome back!

so good. i love fences.



sadly i haven't been able to update because my beloved macbook has fallen ill.
whether it's terminal is still to be decided.
not fun.


love-y dove-y

i have just been in a wonderful love-y dove-y mood.
i hope you feel the love!


this is totally awesome.

"This sleeping bag is definitely going to fox those mountains bears when you’re out hiking. Uncertain whether it would keep you from being a bear snack, or provoke a more amorous response. Not sure which is worse! Either way, what a cosy way to sleep. Really well made. Check the details. For more pictures, installations, and textiles visit the artist, Eiko Ishizawa’s site."