where ever this is filmed i need to go.

this might be the best cake i've ever seen.

scratch that. these cupcakes are way cuter.

i'm such a sucker for clever packaging

and now i've found the perfect website to fulfill all of your clever packaging needs.


how did i miss this?

my horoscope for tuesday

lies! apparently the only friends i have to hang with today are virtual leader and my management book.

awful waffle.


get on it!

it's april 21st! love the future is out! get on it here:

i promise you won't regret it.


i have never been so excited for tape before!

allow me to introduce happytape! which is just oodles of different colors and prints of masking tape. and needless to say i'm a big fan.

not to mention they have their own blog that teaches fun things to do with their tape!




my new obsession! their mixtape just came out last tuesday and it's on heavy repeat right now. ♥


some fun blogs

i must say i have become a big fan of apartmenttherapy ! i just get super motivated to go thrifting and reupholster my own loveseat. haha enjoy!

start saving those pennies

 so after many discussions with my dear friend Ky, i found the perfect iPhone for us! 

if only it were this easy

they make it look so easy!