ready? set. nest!

leave it to me to geek out over furniture, but this is inspiring!
starting earlier this month Target is going to launch a new furniture collection designed by Dror Benshetrit. he is known for his multi-functional designs and the Dror for Target collection is no different.

i am most excited for these nesting/stacking super combination bookcase/shelves! way to step it up target!


dear marc jacobs,

like most women my age, heck most women in general, i adore EVERYTHING you do. please consider this broke college student's plea to make things more affordable so i can be fabulous like you. many thanks!
with love,


i love packaging!

now anyone who knows me knows that i'm a sucker for clever packaging. and now archer farms, a personal favorite product line, is stepping up their game! their new packaging has been designed by tomorrow who also works with adidas and pixar.

“Target Corporation needed an upscale look for its premium food label—one that would go against the grain, standing out among the clutter, din and hue of typical supermarket shelves. Our solution centers around a fresh “sprout” logo that steers away from a barnyard look that might be expected of a brand called Archer Farms. The system is clean and simple featuring sans-serif fonts, a vivid palette and a decidedly European use of white space.”

i can't wait!


i've never been so excited for a hot dog

here's some new magical creations from a personal favorite artist of mine, eric garcia.
the toys were created with a 3-d printer, and the woodblocks were laser engraved, then printed by hand.
what can i say i have talented friends!

yes please!

i'm way into the smoldering look.



too funny!

so according to twitter zack morris is making a come back tonight on late night with jimmy fallon & i'm excited.