75% done

well fellow bloggers, i have finally moved into my new place, but not without some headaches. it has been a very long week of cleaning, painting, organizing, cleaning, shopping, assembling, and more organizing. granted there are a handful of issues (which are completely unnecessary) but alas i'm trying not to sweat the small stuff.
after several hours between shopping at ikea and assembling all of my furniture, i noticed a few little problems with my home. pest-y problems in particular. also my leaky air mattress is no fun. but hopefully this mini vacation home will help sort things out (bug bombing my room and ordering my bed).
i'll make sure to post pictures of my room once its complete!

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Anonymous said...

once you are we shall have the grandest sleepover of all time! :)
i wouldn't want to build furniture with anyone but my best and most beloved friend hanasaurus <3