just one of those days.


hot. hot. hot.

unfortunately, my a/c crapped out last night. like beyond repair. meaning hanasaurus is MELTING in her house. of course its 90 degrees outside, and probably 90+ in my house. however there is a silver lining in this, we have a temporary unit to hold us over until monday when we get our new unit. and according to the a/c repair man, with the new a/c unit our electric bill will lighten up (thank goodness).

so until our a/c is repaired don't anticipate any new posts. i'll be trying to find a nice cool oasis like place to cool off!

happy weekend fellow bloggers!


off to the moon.

i just got kid cudi's album, man on the moon. and i still haven't gotten through the whole thing because every time i listen to this track i keep on having to hit repeat.

i hope you enter galactic, just you and me ♥



in my late night delusional online adventures i came across this photo. it jogged a childhood memory that i couldn't quite pin point. so after some much needed googling i remembered/found out where i remember them from. do you?


on the hunt:

my new home is slowly starting to become complete.

however i am on the hunt for the perfect desk chair, much like my dear president obama :]
personally i would have gone for the darth vader-esque chair but that's just me. hopefully craigslist will have some fun options for me!


things that would be nice:

being broke is not fun. i literally have $35 to my name. hellooooo bright futures! hit a girl up some time!



damon "tuba gooding jr." bryson ♡