at last!

at last the weather has finally cooled down in orlando! although i'm sure its only for the weekend. but alas i plan on enjoying it to the fullest :]
this weather reminds me of mini weekends in tallahassee with good friends. (gosh i miss those weekends and the people especially!)
oh! and as for the picture of the adorable french bulldog, i have decided once i am financially capable i want one! (and he shall be named pagoda, after my recent obsession with the royal tenenbaums.)

i hope this post finds you well! and happy fall everyone!



he is most well known from criminal minds, but was also in the life aquatic of steve zissou and (500) days of summer. he doodles and i loveeee it.

hope you enjoy!


wish list!

meet the fuji instax instant camera. its not THAT new, but relatively new to me. i love the idea of credit card sized polaroids! however i don't love the $130 price tag for JUST the camera. i guess i've got to start saving those pennies and nickels.