quick study rant

things that are awesome:

  • pandora (specifically chromeo & mayer hawthorne channels)
  • cracked black pepper and sea salt chips
  • vitamin water XXX

happy studying!

current jam!


dolla is what i need

so i'm only one episode in but i'm already growing to like how to make it in america.

not to mention the mixtape is pretty awesome.


who knew?

that steve jobs was a total babe circa 1977?

so being the total nerd that i am, i just got through watching welcome to macintosh. and developed a school girl crush on old steve haha!

p.s. new dream to become an apple genius! haha!


you will be mine...

oh yes, you will be mine.



holy guacamole!

so i was rummaging through jorge garcia's blog and saw his post about his q*bert jack-o-latern which instantly reminded me of my early early childhood and how my parents owned the q*bert arcade game.

so i went on a google quest to find said game, and much like my early childhood,i still don't understand how to play this game and never will. (ha!)

reminds me of a story...

you should ask my buddy eric about when his bike was stolen!


panda cam is the best.

sunday funday

my new quest is to find this christopher walken pancake!

hope your sunday is glorious!


new mayer ♡

mayer hawthorne - thin moon.


fwy & match

friendswithyou created a commercial for and it is ADORABLE.